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We are a diverse Jewish community which respects the wisdom of its traditions and embraces the family and children. With programs for youth, young adults, families and the elderly there is something for everyone!


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High Holiday Schedule

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Sat Sept 16 – Selichot: 8:15 p.m. Havdalah followed by Selichot service

Thurs Sept 21 – First Day of Rosh Hashanah: 9:00 a.m. service with kiddush to follow (likely to conclude around 1 p.m.)
Fri Sept 22 – Second Day of Rosh Hashanah: 9:00 a.m. service with kiddush to follow (likely to conclude around 1 p.m.)

Fri Sept 29 – Erev Yom Kippur: 6:30 p.m. mincha, 7:00 p.m. Kol Nidre
Sat Sept 30 – Yom Kippur morning: 9:00 a.m. service (with Yizkor)
Sat Sept 30 – Yom Kippur afternoon: 5:00 mincha followed by Neilah service; 7:45 havdalah and ma’ariv followed by break-fast approximately 8:00 p.m.

Thurs Oct 5 – First Day of Sukkot: 9:30 a.m. service followed by kiddush (in the sukkah presumably, weather permitting)
Thurs Oct 12 – Shemini Atseret: 9:30 a.m. service (with Yizkor) followed by kiddush
Thurs Oct 12 – Simchat Torah: 7:15 p.m. service followed by light refreshments


Annual Message from Mark Steinman, CBI President

It is my distinct pleasure to share with you some of the many achievements over the last 12 months at Congregation B’Nai Israel that have been made possible by the time, energy, commitment, and generosity of the CBI community.

Pulpit and Spiritual

  • Attendance is high at the wonderful services led by our Senior Rabbi, Dr. Gad Romang and organized by our Gabbai, Dr. Fanny Dolansky and her team. Thursday morning minyans followed by breakfast also enjoy robust attendance
  • Two amazing and spirited Kabbalat Shabbat dinners were held at Shul in the winter
  • Rabbi Gad’s highly-rated bi-weekly Adult Education classes draw large numbers
  • 104 new ETZ Chaim Chumashes donated by members were purchased and are in full use
  • Through the generosity of the Wright family, a new Yahrzeit Board has just been installed in the sanctuary

Cemetery Policy re: Interfaith Burials

The Board of Governors of Congregation B’nai Israel, with the approval of Rabbi G. Romang, at its meeting of May 25, 2017, passed a resolution resulting in the following policy now in effect for B’nai Israel Cemetery regarding burial of interfaith couples.

  1. Interfaith couples may be buried side-by-side in our Cemetery in an area designated by an appropriate walkway.
  2. The Jewish spouse will receive our usual ritual services, including the services of our Rabbi who will officiate.
  3. The non-Jewish spouse will be buried next to his/her spouse, but will not receive ritual services except for a kosher casket. Only a Jewish layperson may officiate at this burial.
  4. A monument, either single or double stone, may be erected on these plots, on which only allowable symbols may be used.
  5. As is our practice, the wording on the monument must receive the advance approval of the Cemetery Committee.


  • The Jack Miller Learning and Resource Centre, a state of the art Library and Meeting area, was designed, built, dedicated, and is being enjoyed. Dr. Mary Jane Miller donated the funds for this wonderful space in memory and honor of her husband
  • A new outside security camera and monitoring system has been installed. We also now have bell chimes for both the front and back doors of the Newman Community Centre and Tomarin Room
  • New state of the art televisions were installed in the Herzog and Jack Miller Centre
  • The two downstairs bathrooms were renovated thanks to funding from the CBI Foundation
  • Jess Bretzlaff of The Bagel Oven continues to grow her business out of CBI’s kitchen
  • Thanks to Diana Silver for managing the Office.
  • Our superintendent Chris Duller continues to keep all parts of our Building in order. With respect to security, hired guards assist Chris when large crowds are expected.


  • Ten new members have been welcomed over the last fiscal year, many of whom have become very active in CBI’s activities.
  • We mourn the loss of six members. May their memories be a blessing.

Development (aka Fundraising)

  • A well- attended Klezmer concert at the Performing Arts Centre in May raised significant funds for CBI’s operations
  • With the leadership of Dr. Howard Slepkov and the volunteerism of so many members, CBI hosted an Open House in May as part of the Niagara Folk Arts Festival. Over 400 people attended and many areas of the 190 Church Street building were open to the public for an amazing evening of community.
  • Long-time members Vicky and Harvey Wright generously donated and led an Appeal campaign to renovate various parts of the Auditorium. This work will begin in mid-October, 2017. Over 30 donors donated as Friends in Kind to this Appeal and we expect to add more donors before the renovations commence. Todah Rabah!

Appreciation also to our Vice-President Rosalie Samosh, to our Board of Governors, to our Committee Chairs, and to our Committee members who continue to perform their mandates with care and flair and make CBI a wonderful place to call home.

This was our year.
I wish you all a safe, healthy, and lovely summer.

Mark – June 2017


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or call the office at 905 685 6767

to support our Friends in Kind Program


Congregation B’nai Israel Book of Remembrance

Yom Kippur Yiskor 2017 Publication

For the past number of years, we have published the Congregation B’nai Israel Book of Remembrance, which contains the prayers recited during the Yom Kippur Yiskor service.

We have published the names of members of our Congregational family who are no longer with us, along with the prayers. This is an annual fund-raising project for the synagogue.

By committing to sponsor the publication of the names of your departed relatives, family, friends and acquaintances in the book, you are able to honor their memories and fulfill the Mitzvah of Tzedakah.

The cost of sponsorship is $18.00 per name with no maximum of names costing $100.00.

We are starting to compile this year’s edition and we would appreciate your positive response by August 7, 2017.

Please e-mail Marlene Slepkov at marleneslepkov@gmail.com with your intention to continue to support this project as well as any additions or deletions and please remember to include your name in the e-mail.

For your convenience, credit cards are acceptable. Please contact the office if it is not on file (905 685 6767). You may prefer to send a cheque payable to “Congregation B’nai Israel”. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for the amount of your contribution.

We look forward to a positive response and sincerely thank you for your co-operation and continued support of this worthwhile project.

Todah Rabah

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