Marcia and Harold Nash

“The B’nai Israel Foundation has given us the opportunity of providing a continuing presence in this community that we love, even after we are gone,” says Harold and Marcia Nash who have lived in St. Catharines all their married lives, brought up their three sons in our community,have deep roots and feel strongly about the survival of the Jewish people and culture here in St. Catharines.”

Harold and Marcia chose their method of financial support to the Foundation in the form of a life insurance policy on Marcia that names the Foundation as its irrevocable beneficiary. “I get an annual tax receipt for my premium costs for the policy which provides me a tax savings that partially offsets the cost of the policy,” explains Harold. It’s a very simple and cost effective way to show their support to the Foundation.

Watch and listen to Harold Nash talk about the “Lifeblood of the Congregation” in the video link.

Arlie Katzman

“My grandfather, Jacob Cooperman, was the first spiritual leader of the then very small community of St. Catharines in the early 1900’s,” says Arlie Katzman who now resides in Niagara-On-The-Lake but has been a long time member of the Jewish community of St. Catharines and neighboring townships. Arlie is very interested in the well being of the Congregation B’Nai Israel and the continuing Jewish presence here. Arlie has made a legacy in his Will to provide a bequest to the Foundation for the ongoing maintenance and care of our cemetery in memory of his dearly beloved daughter, Melissa, who was taken from us too early in her life.

“The Foundation is an excellent vehicle for providing the opportunity of giving back to our community. It has the ability of helping you make reasonable and valuable estate planning decisions that will be beneficial to you while at the same time helping to grow its investment portfolio.”