Social events

Take a look at our calendar page for up to date event details.

Regular events

For information about some of these events see the descriptions below.

Special events

January 28, 2018 The Peninsula Orchestra

  • In the Auditorium
  • Tickets at the door
March 24, 2018
Suzuki Niagara Concert

  • In the Auditorium
  • Followed by silent auction and celebration
March 28th, 2018
Thorold Reed Band

  • In the Auditorium
  • Tickets at the door
  • Reception to follow in the Tomarin Room
May 27, 2018 Peninsula Orchestra 40th Anniversary Concert and Celebratory Reception

  • In the Auditorium
  • Tickets at the door

Yiddish Club

Led by one of our members who is well versed in Yiddish language, culture and customs will present movies, dialogue and items of interest to the club members who meet once a month for fun and entertainment.

Bagels, Books, and Media Review

Guest speakers from the community meet over a light breakfast and discuss books they have read or tell stories about historical events in their life that may be of interest. New books for the Library will be introduced and presented by the Congregation’s Librarian.

Movie Night

Movies of various Jewish themes are presented to members and guests for a small fee that includes popcorn and beverages Folowing the movie presentation, viewers have an opportunity to discuss the film presented.

Watch the YouTube video in this LINK and see photos of some of our recent Holiday Celebrations.

In addition to these social events in our Congregation, the Jewish community is active in several local programs:

  • Food collection for Community Care
  • Mayor’s Committee on Race Relations
  • Out of the Cold