Our Mission

  1. To secure an important and meaningful future for our Jewish community.
  2. To provide for the financial security and viability of the B’nai Israel Congregation through various established funds
  3. To provide opportunities for members of our community to enhance Jewish life, programs and education beyond the level that can be funded by membership dues.

It is the aim of the B’nai Israel Foundation to keep in touch with the community as part of the operations of the synagogue; its needs, its future, its maintenance and challenges to keep our heritage alive and viable. It is our hope that members of our community will become part of the legacy, through various vehicles that will make a difference for many generations to come.

Funds have already been provided by the Foundation to support the financial costs of the installation of our handicap access elevator. Other projects have been identified that need further funding.

Together, we can meet the challenges and needs of our community and ensure the continuation of our long history and heritage.