Message from the Chair

“Our Jewish community in St. Catharines has a long history. Now more than ever, the financial needs of or Congregation are at a crucial point. Having lost some of our dear members, reduced incomes from Bingo, and the ever increasing costs of our operations make it difficult to provide for all of our needs and wants.

While the current invetsment portfolio of our Foundation provides for a modest annual income to the Congregation, it falls significantly short of the amount that is required to sustain the needs of our community in terms of operations, programming, cemetery maintenance and various other activities that we all want to enjoy and partake in.

We are seeking your assistance to grow the Foundation’s investment portfolio, which can be accomplished in various ways through Planned Giving. Your financial and estate advisor can assist you in making the best decision of your choice.

We ask that you consider the Foundation and the Jewish community’s needs so that together we can ensure for a prosperous tomorrow.”

David Cooperman