High Holiday Tickets


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Members N/C
Dependent children of members N/C
Full-time students at an educational institution N/C
Adult non-dependent children of members $75
Dependent children of guests N/C
All other guests including relatives and guests of members $125
The High Holidays are fast approaching. Like last year, all guests will be issued tickets for all the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. These tickets are to be shown on entry to Chris Duller, our interior security person, who will be sitting inside the entrance foyer to the synagogue.

Members will not be issued tickets.

It is important that guests purchase tickets PRIOR to the High Holidays, as we do not sell tickets during the days of Yontif. Ordered tickets will be mailed if purchased before September 10th, or will be available at the door of the sanctuary if purchased after that date.

All guests without tickets will be identified by Chris, by name, and by telephone number, mailing address or email address. They may, of course, enter the Shul for services. Chris will give them a ticket to use for subsequent services. We will then follow up for payment after Yontif.

The High Holiday Guest experience was significantly improved last year as a result of pre-ordering of tickets. Please make every effort to pre-register by using the link to the left, calling the office (905 685 6767) during business hours (Wed-Fri, 1-5pm), or by emailing office@jewishstcatharines.com to make your arrangements.