The cemetery is located at 120 Bunting Road (next to Barber Monuments)

In the event of need of our services or information, please contact Harvey Wright,
Chairman of the B’nai Israel Cemetery Committee: harveyw@sympatico.ca or 905-327-1174


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Please visit the Cemetery Directory to view the list of burial plots at the B’nai Israel Cemetery.

The Cemetery Committee

The Cemetery Committee performs two main functions for B’nai Israel Synagogue.

Firstly, it administers and maintains the Cemetery which is located on Bunting Road and has been in existence since 1950. Our Congregation is over 100 years old, although it has only had its own cemetery for 65 years. In those early days, burials where usually made in the closest Jewish cemetery, which was Hamilton, about 50 km away.

Secondly, it provides Chevra Kadisha services to the deceased. This is provided by a cadre of volunteers, both men and women. They receive a call from their respective Chairs, arranging a time for 4 or 5 of them to meet at our local funeral home partner (non-Jewish). There they have a prep room where they can proceed to provide their services.

We have a somewhat unique arrangement in St. Catharines, where we use the services of a local Funeral Home, a partnership that has been in existence for many years. They provide facilities and material for our Chevra Kadisha, the use of their non-denominational chapel, and a simple kosher casket. We have an established one-price–for-all -policy, assisting bereaved families in all aspects of arranging a funeral, when often emotional decisions are made that can prove to be very costly.

In the case of a death, a family member calls the cemetery chair who then initiates the activities necessary to prepare for a funeral. The chair meets with the family and the funeral director, when final decisions are made, particularly determining the time of the funeral.

Burial in our Cemetery is available to all members of the Jewish faith, be they members of our Congregation or not.
The costs of a funeral are as follows:

A plot $1500
Cemetery Costs $4500
Funeral Home $4000 (approximate)
Total Member Cost $10,000.00 +/- (+ HST)

There is an additional non-member fee of $4500.00 which is a contribution to the Congregation, for which a charitable receipt is issued.

Rabbinical services are provided at no charge to members.

The Funeral Home charges are approximate because of extra charges that may occur. We have a basic funeral charge to which extras, such as a long distance transport, the use of a limousine, and/or the cost of a newspaper death notice, will be added.

Interfaith Burials

The Board of Governors of Congregation B’nai Israel, with the approval of Rabbi G. Romang, at its meeting of May 25, 2017, passed a resolution resulting in the following policy now in effect for B’nai Israel Cemetery regarding burial of interfaith couples.

  1. Interfaith couples may be buried side-by-side in our Cemetery in an area designated by an appropriate walkway.
  2. The Jewish spouse will receive our usual ritual services, including the services of our Rabbi who will officiate.
  3. The non-Jewish spouse will be buried next to his/her spouse, but will not receive ritual services except for a kosher casket. Only a Jewish layperson may officiate at this burial.
  4. A monument, either single or double stone, may be erected on these plots, on which only allowable symbols may be used.
  5. As is our practice, the wording on the monument must receive the advance approval of the Cemetery Committee.