September 9, 2017

Dear CBI Members and Friends,

As I write this message, I think back to this time two years ago when I introduced myself to our community. Well, I have been your Rabbi now for these two years and have gotten to know you, learned from you and look forward to building upon and enhancing even more relationships over the coming year. I hope many of you have gotten to know me and have learned from me as well. I want to focus on some of the things that have become obvious to me since my arrival. It is clear to me that you really love this congregation and believe me, I love it too. Many of you regularly attend services, volunteer and commit time to CBI and donate generously to our financial needs. It motivates me to work with members who share such a strong commitment to this community. I enjoy working with you and I hope we can continue doing this over the next years. Our success is based on teamwork and this cohesive approach is our way to see CBI grow and sustain itself.

I get great pleasure in knowing that so many of you love to study and learn our traditions and writings. Attendance at Hebrew school, adult education classes and other offerings such as dvar torah in the synagogue, Haftorah trope class, yiddish club, bagel brunch club and dancing activities all make CBI the amazing place it truly is for you and me. We have so much educationally and otherwise that makes me very proud of this congregation.

So many of you have shared with me your sincere appreciation for what we have accomplished in the last two years and I am sure we can and will do even more in the future. Your presence and contributions to our Schul for Shabbat, festivals and Thursday morning services are outstanding. The Kavanah and deep prayer are part of our daily life. The participation and leadership provided by many of you as Gabaim, Torah readers and contributors to services makes me feel that we have a bright future. Yashar Koach to you.

My sincere wish is to further foster and grow our community within a framework of mutual respect, forward thinking and appreciation of what we can do by working together to make CBI a lasting and thriving congregation. I wish you and your family Shanah Tovah Umetukah, Shanat Shalom Ubriuth! A good and sweet year, a year with peace and good health!.

Rabbi Gad Romang