April 7, 2017

Dear CBI members and friends,

Next week we will celebrate Pesach, the festival of our liberation!
One of the most important precepts of this festival is to clean our home and to take all the Chametz out of it.
What is the Chametz? Why is this symbol so important?
The central point of Passover is to dialogue with our children and to convey the symbolism of the festival. More than removing the Chametz  from our house, is to remove it from our interior. The Chametz symbolizes the negative, what inflates, pride, pride or falsehood and, as the whole house is reviewed, we have to check our interior and see that we have nothing of Chametz, that we have our convictions and goals clear.

I think that the interior cleaning is the most important.  We must prepare ourselves emotionally to be able to transmit our inheritance and not lose in the least important by the most important thing “.

Our Sages tell us that, “in every generation, every Jew must see himself as if he had been liberated that day from Egypt.”

I wish you Shabbat Shalom and Chag Pesach Sameach!

Rabbi Gad Romang